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ANGEL was a stray dog that was rescued from Tijuana, Mexico 3 years ago. Sadly, Angel passed away in 2019. Angel was in the streets for a whole week, all while having his back broken into two. Months passed and with the help of many people, Angel was able to walk with the use of a wheelchair. He lived a very happy life for 3 years until his body slowly broke down and organs eventually failed.



PERLA was surrendered in a small town in Mexico. She then got pregnant and gave birth in an arroyo (dried river) to ALADIN, ANDY, & MAYA. As soon as the people who lived around there found out, they called us to rescue them. When we rescued them, ALADIN, ANDY, & MAYA were about 2 months old. Once they were old enough to cross the border, we brought them to Los Angeles to find them a home in which we sure did.



BLACKY was found on the streets of Tijuana, a city in Mexico. When she was rescued, she was just a few days before giving birth. BLACKY was then brought to Los Angeles and gave birth to her puppies at our rescue. She gave birth to 13 puppies. BLACKY, along with her puppies have now been adopted!



VIDA was run over by a car in Mexico. People who knew about us and our work, decided to reach out to us and asked us to help VIDA. Two years later VIDA, is now extremely happy and is the sweetest little girl



Coco and Coffee were found in the streets of Los Angeles, possible injured by a car or even people. Coffee had an injury on her head, and both were severely undernutrition. They were immediately taken to the vet and after a few weeks both became healthy and were ready for their FOREVER HOME. Thanks to our donators PUPPY & PALS RESCUE WITHOUT BORDER were able to save two more furry lives.

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